Make Water a TOP Development Priority

Ze is a 12-year-old girl from Antohobe, Madagascar. It's been her job to collect water every day since she was just 7. If Ze could turn on a tap to get clean water, then she could complete her education and her future would be transformed.

Help make this a reality by standing up for her right to clean water!

Water and sanitation didn't make the shortlist of international development goals in 2000, and today millions still live without taps or toilets. Girls like Ze spend hours — time that they could be spending in school — making long walks to collect water for their families.

If we don't act now, then the millions living with dire water conditions will continue to suffer.

Leaders from all over the world are meeting this month to discuss the international development goals for the next 15 years. Water and sanitation must make the cut this year, so that girls like Ze can attend school in place of collecting water for their families. Tell world leaders to prioritise water and sanitation. We need clean water for everyone, everywhere by 2030!