The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon

The Song Rising (The Bone Season, #3)The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon
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I found this book to move at a faster pace then the previous two in the series.

Paige’s character has progressed with each book. There is a lot of emotion in this book showing characters who can become beloved, no matter how briefly they were mentioned. For it was not just Paige who sought my affinity. Side characters, both new and old, battled for dominion over the reader’s heart. And, in true Shannon style, it was those with the cruellest pasts and the bleakest of futures that won.

Despite this emotion it also delivered on the action front. This book sees Paige and her motley crew traverse Britain in an attempt to thwart the construction of the new technology that could eliminate them. Scrapes, scuffles, and strife thwarted their quest, and each skirmish was as pulse-raising and breath-taking as the next.

The most bone-chilling was saved for the finale, however. Former villains returned and some of them were de-masked to reveal something other than what they first appeared to be. One thing remained and that was that you can never rely on Shannon to deliver the expected!

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