Struggling with Weight

For the last year I have been putting weight back on. It is a constant struggle. It’s not been helped by “comfort eating” after visiting my parents. More so since my mother was admitted into a care home.  It’s been depressing to see them both. My father just living to go in every day to see my mother. And when I go in to see her I’m  never sure is she knows I’m there.

So, comfort eating on the journey back home. Then of course, I’m still buying the wrong stuff when I’m food shopping. I must cut out the cake, biscuits, sweets, crisps etc. Some of this has not been helped by supermarkets switching from multi-packs to bigger single packs of some items making portion control harder but most is down to me, not having the will to stop myself.

I am currently heavier than I was when I started the DiRect trial. This is despite going on a 4 week session of soups and shakes back at the start of the year. The current lock down is not helping. Recently I also had a thigh injury that prevented me from walking normally. Had to change my routes and walk less. This lower exercise did not help. Am back to full fitness though – after my trip to York – and am trying to walk more briskly. I’m also not sticking to once per day  and am out twice per day for exercise to get my step count up.

I am determined to get the weight down.

About Stuart Smith

Live on the East Coast of Scotland with views of the Isle of May and Bass Rock out my window. Retired and giving up political activity gradually as no-one locally is interested.
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