Shades by Abi Barden

Shades: A Steampunk Fantasy Adventure (Aether Chronicles)Shades: A Steampunk Fantasy Adventure by Abi Barden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very enjoyable read though a bit slow at the start. I’m assuming Abi was trying to establish the characters at the beginning. It wasn’t until after the half way mark that the story sped up and rushed to a conclusion.
I liked the world she has built and the science stuff is not too heavy.
A young women trying to exist and live her own life in a male dominated society in Victorian England. Fighting against all the maleness of that time, she can’t go to university, she can’t do science, she can’t live on her own or inherit money and remain unmarried. There is also a same sex element with a female character who prefers to dress as a man as it’s so much easier.
As is said, enjoyable.

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