‘Normal’ has failed vulnerable people

For the world’s most vulnerable people the last thing they need is to get back to normal.

The current pandemic has exposed the fragility of farming and food systems around the world. Farming wasn’t working before  now, millions of smallholder farmers are struggling to survive. For some of the farmers they actually go hungry everyday themselves. Normal can mean being locked into unsustainable farming methods. Normal can mean battling the effects of drought and floods. Normal means losing out at every stage in a system stacked against them.

There is a need for a new global food system. One that is resilient, protects natural resources, provides food security and gives small scale farmers a chance to earn a decent living. Improving farming can be twice as effective as anything else in reducing poverty.

Planet friendly farming practices can provide viable sustainable livelihoods for families across the planet and give hope for the future. Normal is not an option. We must “build, build, build” a world where everyone has enough, nutritious food, where farmers can make a decent living and where we protect the environment and build climate resilience.

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