Looking back on recent posts I find they relate to books I’ve read and posted reviews on Goodreads for. Nothing about anything else that’s going on. It’s just that I find them too messy to get my thoughts round them properly.

Take SARS-Cov-2 for example. You have a government administration under a leader who has told fibs over his entire career suggesting the pandemic is over and everything can go back to normal! The pandemic is not over and the WHO, the only organisation that can make such a declaration, is about another 18 months away from stating so. Meantime, infection rates are increasing but there are no plans in place to deal with this nor prevent an autumn spike.

Air travel is a major problem for the air industry. It has failed to plan for the number of people who want to travel. It got rid of a lot of staff during the first 18 months of the pandemic as no-one was flying anywhere. Now that restrictions are off, they are selling too many seats on flights that they don’t have the capacity to fill with crew. They’ve also failed to work with the airports to ensure they have enough staff to service the planes or passengers. The people that left have reassessed their lives and want to live differently. Above all they want better pay and conditions. There are plenty of vacancies in this area but people don’t want these low paid, long hours jobs anymore. Hence a crisis that won’t get fixed for months until they offer better pay.

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Live on the East Coast of Scotland with views of the Isle of May and Bass Rock out my window. Retired and giving up political activity gradually as no-one locally is interested.
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