Messiness #2

A rail strike organised by only one of the unions that have members in the rail industry has the Minister responsible following his leader by telling lies about the dispute. He has said the average rail worker earns £44k per year but the RMT do not represent every rail worker. The striking workers do not include train drivers who are very well paid. The RMT claim the majority of staff on strike are paid around £31k per year. There is also the fact the Government still dictate to the Rail Management companies how much they are able to offer as the Government still controls the purse strings as they took over the railways during the early days of the pandemic and haven’t handed all the powers back. It’s time the railways were re-organised back into one integrated company.

About Stuart Smith

Live on the East Coast of Scotland with views of the Isle of May and Bass Rock out my window. Retired and giving up political activity gradually as no-one locally is interested.
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