York – March 2020

I haven’t previously written about any mini breaks or holidays I’ve taken in the UK, I could maybe backtrak on some of them one day. Meantime this piece is about a mini-break in took in March this year just before “lockdown” in the UK. I took an extended long weekend to York. The Liberal Democrats were holding a conference there and I decided to travel down early and back later. The intention was to only spend Saturday in the conference and the rest of the time as a tourist. But, the conference was cancelled about 10pm the day before I travelled. I still went as I wouldn’t get any money back.

Thursday 12th March

Day of travel down to York for a long weekend and an extra day for sightseeing with conference cancelled. I could do other things instead. After checking into my hotel I went out in source of food and went into a Bella Italia about 5pm. There was hardly anyone in at that time of evening but other people arrived while I was eating. Enjoyed the meal. My hotel room overlooks a main road with a bus stop under the window but, there as little or no noise coming through the windows.

Friday 13th March

Most of the morning was taken up with going on a guided walking tour of the city run for free by the Association of Voluntary Guides. The first hour was spent near the starting point in Exhibition Square outside the Art Gallery going round St Mary’s Abbey, Yorkshire Museum and King’s Manor (home to the Department of Archeology). It was pointed out that as a Scot I could be legally beheaded for crossing the city walls. We then moved round the popular section of the city walls overlooking the Minster, Treasurer’s House and coming down at Goodramgate (a steep descent). We then went into The Shambles where the walk ended 2 and a quarter hours after starting.

Saturday 14th March

I decided to do a longer walk round the city walls this morning. Started about 9am and there were very few people on it at this time of day. It was a little damp. Part of the walk is on a main road as the wall is missing then you get back onto it around Red Tower where there is no railing on the drop side of the wall. You have to be careful passing others. Carried on to Tower Street and decided not to carry on. Instead went into the Castle Museum and did the tour. A little shopping in the afternoon.

Sunday 15th March

Took a walk along The Ouse out to where the flood plain starts, river level had fallen all week-end but there as still water on the flood area. A couple of cyclists tried to cycle alongside the plain but had to turn back as the path was flooded. On way back to town centre people were getting into their row boats. Was muddy in places. Took a detour and went into the Rail Museum. After lunch walked along the Ouse passing the merger with The Fosse and crossed over at the Millenium Bridge to walk back to town centre. The weather was nice today making it a pleasant walk.

Returned home the following day.