Farms To Feed Us

A project was launched back in April 2020 by a group of food activists and farmers to bring fresh produce directly from farms to people’s dinner table. It is an open database of small scale farms and growers throughout the United Kingdom selling vegetables, meat, dairy and other things direct to the public.

This came about thanks to the current health pandemic with restuarants being closed and small farms that supplied them struggling to make ends meet.

Customers can access the database, look up to see if there are any farms in their area and what they are selling. As most of the farms now sell via the web, you can click to their websites and buy direct.

The pandemic has highlighted some of the issues that were not right with our food system and this resource is a way of helping to resolve this.

This article is an edited version of the one in Positive News Issue 102

About Stuart Smith

Live on the East Coast of Scotland with views of the Isle of May and Bass Rock out my window. Retired and giving up political activity gradually as no-one locally is interested.
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