Children asking parents a question on climate change

An interesting article on The Conversation web-site and I thought I would highlight just one bit of it.

First the children should work out what the parents CO2 emissions were last year, yes they’ll have to ask their parents lots of questions about this or get them to provide the answer (there are various carbon calculators online – and the average is about seven tonnes of fossil CO₂ per person in Europe). Then multiply that figure by £200 per tonne of CO2, and suggest the parents pop that amount into a trust fund that will enable the children to clean up after them in the 2040s.

If the parents reply, “don’t worry, dear, that’s what we pay taxes for”, the children should ask them who they voted for in the last election and whether spending their taxes on solving climate change featured prominently in that party’s manifesto.

For more on this read here.

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