A wee walk around North Berwick

Thought I’d do a wee post using some photos from a walk around the town yesterday. Evening during this pandemic I’ve still gone out for my morning walk after breakfast and reading the newspaper. Yesterday I took one of my actual cameras with me rather than just my cell phone.

Empty beach

Empty Milsey Bay Beach

The photo above was taken about 8.30 am. Most of the early dog walkers have gone. By 11am the beach was full of people who broke the “travel local” advice. Typical day trippers. The biggest problem is there are no public toilets. Hence the 5 mile travel limit. I wonder what the state of the grass verges in and out of town are like!

Lonely runner

A runner along West beach, early morning.

One of the things that have struck me is that there are more people out for a run, at different times ofd the day, normally on their own. I no longer have to cope with groups of 4/5 women running. The schools are basically closed as is the sports centre thus, one regular group has given up.

Deserted west beach

empty west beach

Again another photo of a deserted beach, this time what I call the working beach, where all boats are launched from the shore or leave the harbour. Again unlikely to be in this state at 11am.

School sports field

Empty school sports field

Walking along Grange Road you see the school sports field. This would normally, at this time of year, have lots of children playing hockey or starting to. The car park is also empty.

Leisure centre car park

Normally the leisure centre car park would be full of cars.

Only 2 vehicles parked up here.

3G surface empty

Deserted 3G playing surface

Now this surface has had a m ixed history during the pandemic. It was meant to be closed and both gates were shut and padlocked. However, there is a little “hatch” in one of the sides which people of all ages but, flexible, use to get in at any time. There has been groups of children playing at odd times, also one or two people training. The hatch was subsequently locked.

Tennis Courts

Inaccessible tennis courts

The tennis courts re-opened a few weeks ago to singles matches only. There have been a few doubles games. Courts 4 & 5 are meant to be the public ones out of the 6 available. The otheres are aimed at club members. However, public access is via the gate on the North side. You have to pay/borrow equipment from the hut you see in the background then the gate is opened. Any club members on these courts at the time are requested to leave. However, the hut is closed, no putting greens open thus, no public access.

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